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Our team

DESIGNSCAPES consortium brings together renown researchers with a background in design-enabled innovation in cities and urban contexts (TUD, AAU, SURREY, POLIMI, UVEG), expertise in stakeholder involvement, collaborative research and learning processes (TUD, POLIMI, SURREY, AAU), experience in linking practice, policy and research (TAVI, TUD, UVEG, AAU, SURREY, POLIMI), and with an extensive set of capacity building tools, instruments and methods (POLIMI, TUD, SURREY, TAVI), community building, communication and disseminating skills (ANCI, Worldcrunch, SURREY).

Francesco Molinari

Francesco Molinari in charge of scientific and technical coordination of the project. He has 20+ years’ experience in the management of EU funded projects and is specialized in the fields of R&D and innovation policy and Living Labs.

Besnik Mehmeti

Besnik Mehmeti in charge of the project’s administrative and financial coordination. He has 10+ years’ experience in the management of EU funded projects and is specialized in the fields of cultural and creative industries and local development.

Elena Conti

Elena Conti has 20+ years’ managerial experience in Italian local authorities. She is responsible of training and production area as well as main contact person for several EU funded projects.

Kerstin Junge

Dr Kerstin Junge, principal researcher and consultant, with overall responsibility for leading the Tavistock Institute’s European workstream.

Joe Cullen

Dr Joe Cullen, Principal Associate and consultant, has carried out over 100 research and evaluation assignments, including evaluations of major EU initiatives.

Alicia Calderón González

Alicia Calderón González has a background in industrial design engineering (BSc, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia) and strategic design (MSc, TU Delft). Currently, she is researching and coaching students at the IDE faculty of TU Delft.

Ingrid Mulder

Ingrid Mulder is Associate Professor in Design Techniques (TU Delft). With a background in Policy and Organization Sciences (MA, University of Tilburg) and Behavioral Sciences (PhD, University of Twente), she interestingly combines strategic design with diffusing design capabilities while addressing the interplay between top-down policy and bottom-up participatory innovation

Kirsten van Dam

Kirsten van Dam obtained a BSc and MSc from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. She manages the Designscapes project at the Service Design Lab at Aalborg University as well as researching topics of service design, Design-Enabled Innovation, value-creation, co-creation in the urban context.

Luca Simeone

Luca Simeone is Assistant Professor at Aalborg University – Copenhagen. He got a PhD in Interaction Design from the University of Malmo. His work is situated at the intersection of design practice, research and entrepreneurship. In particular, his interest is in how strategic approaches can support design-based innovation and management processes.

Amalia de Götzen

Amalia de Götzen is Associate Professor at Aalborg University – Copenhagen. She graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Padova and got a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Verona. Her main research activity includes Service Design, Interaction Design and Sonic Interaction Design.

Nicola Morelli

Nicola Morelli is Professor with Special Responsibility at Aalborg University. He has a bachelor in Architecture (University of Naples) and a PhD in Industrial Design (Politecnico di Milano). His activity focuses on the development of methodology and strategies for service design.

Talita Medina Amaral

Talita Medina Amaral is an architect, adjunct professor in Urban Planning and Design. Specialized in projects of  public open spaces and low mobility network.

Ilaria Tosoni

Ilaria Tosoni is an urban and regional planner, since 2017 she is research fellow at Politecnico di Milano. From 2006 to 2013 she worked as research assistant at the Institute for Spatial Development of ETH Zurich were she completed her PhD in civil engineering.

Grazia Concilio

Grazia Concilio is an engineer and an associate professor in Urban Planning and Design. She got a PhD in “Economic evaluation for Sustainability” from the University of Naples Federico II.

Iskra Sabeva

Researcher, PR, graphics and web designer. Responsible for communication of RAM Central Stara Planina’s EU projects.

Mariela Petrova

Mariela Petrova is Executive Director of association of local authorities, coordinator of EU projects and initiatives related to creative and cultural industries, innovations in towns, entrepreneurship, urban regeneration, social and solidarity economy.

Alberto Aznar Traval

Alberto Aznar Traval  is a researcher at Econcult of University of  Valencia. He obtained Law degree from the University of Salamanca and Political Science from the University of Valencia, currently working and writing his PhD on digital platforms, innovation, city and territory.

Chuan Li

Dr Chuan Li is researcher at the Econcult of the University of Valencia. He specialises in innovation of cultural and creative organizations and museum management.

Raül Abeledo Sanchis

Dr Raül Abeledo Sanchis holds a PhD in Economics and Master in Strategic and Environmental Management. Researcher at Econcult, specialized in local development, sustainability and cultural planning.

Pau Rausell Köster

Dr Pau Rausell Köster is an economist and professor of the Department of Applied Economics, and Director of the Research Area in Econcult. He has published books and articles in specialized magazines on topics related to communication and culture.

Bertrand Hauger

Bertrand Hauger is the Associate Editor for Worldcrunch. He is a graduate of La Sorbonne Nouvelle school of bilingual journalism.

Daniel Van Lerberghe

Daniel Van Lerberghe is EU project leader for Worldcrunch. Formerly Director Social Media at EurActiv, he is Co-Founder and Director at, Co-founder of, Vice-President of and Founder of the PoliTech Institute.

Irène Toporkoff

Co-Founder and CEO of Worldcrunch, graduated in France (EMLyon Management School), Germany (Universität Mannheim) and Canada (Masters in Art Administration at HEC Montreal). She teaches International Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Université Paris 8.

Jeff Israely

Co-Founder and Editor of Worldcrunch. Formerly Time magazine bureau Chief in Rome and Paris, he teaches at the Graduate School of Journalism of The Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Science PO).

Joaquim Couto

Joaquim Couto is currently Mayor of Santo Tirso and President of the Board of Directors of AMAVE - Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave (1986/88 and 1992/96). He was also the Civil Governor of the District of Porto (1999/2002), co-founder of ANMP - National Association of Portuguese Municipalities, and Deputy to the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic in the 12th Legislature.

André Coutinho

André Coutinho has a degree in Civil Engineering from Minho’s University. Since 2008, he is a superior technical person in AMAVE - Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave.

António Quintão

António Quintão has a degree in environmental engineering from Algarve University. Today, he is general secretary of AMAVE - Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave.

Lampros K. Stergioulas

Lampros K. Stergioulas is Professor of Business Analytics at the University of Surrey, UK. He has studied Informatics and Physics in his first degree and received M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Liverpool, UK. He has published over 150 scientific publications. He has held many national and EU Grants.

George Pappous

George Pappous is the General Director of EGTC EFXINI POLI. He has a degree in Physics, an M.Sc in Medical Physics and M.Sc in Biomedical Engineering.

Maria Krimnianioti

Maria Krimnianioti manager of EU projects with 10 years of experience on European Territorial Cooperation projects, she has a degree in Management Science and Technology and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.

Nikolaos Krimnianiotis

Nikolaos Krimnianiotis has a Degree and PhD in Mathematics and 30 years of experience in issues related to local and regional economic development. From 2011 until 2014, he was the General Secretary of Municipality of Acharnes, in the Attica region.

Lara Trikha

Lara Trikha is a Business Development Consultant and International Project Manager at bwcon GmbH. She has a degree in International Development with a specialization in Social Entrepreneurship (MA, University of Vienna).

Jürgen Jähnert

Dr. Jürgen Jähnert is CEO of bwcon GmbH. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on mobile Internet and middleware technologies and a second degree in marketing and business administration. He has more than 20 years experience in European projects. He has further published more than 70 scientific publications, serves regularly the EU as expert and lectures IT Service Management in the faculty of computer science and electrical engineering and information technologies at Universität Stuttgart.