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Our Legacy

  • Designscapes 2nd Policy Forum: Design-enabled innovation in EU cities

    This folder contains all documents and presentations presented during the virtual Policy Forum held on October 12th, 2020.
  • Innovation Capacity and the City: The Enabling Role of Design

    This book, result of a joint effort of the whole Designscapes consortium, overviews the concept of Design Enabled Innovation in urban environments.
  • Designscapes Toolbox

    The DESIGNSCAPES Toolbox is a collection of methods and tools that you can easily and rapidly use and apply to various innovation processes.
    We hope that this toolbox can support you and your project. We plan to create and distribute further versions of the DESIGNSCAPES Toolbox. If you have ideas, comments or feedback, please get in touch with us!
  • Designscapes Policy Forum: Design & Public Policy A Two-Way Street

    This folder contains all documents and presentations presented at the two-day policy forum held in Valencia, Spain on March 10th &11th, 2020.
  • Mid-Term Conference Presentations

    The following presentations delivered during the DESIGNSCAPES Mid-Term conference in Brussels on May 16, 2019 are available here:
    • ● ERRIN Presentation - David Crombie
    • ● The DESIGNSCAPES Open Call for Projects - Francesco Molinari
    • ● Value, Capacity and Competency - Grazia Concilio and Nicola Morelli
    • ● Introduction to the Community of Living Labs - Zsuzsanna Bodi
    • ● Introducing the Green Paper - Ingrid Mulder