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What are we looking for?

In simple terms, we are looking for innovative solutions to help facing challenges in the urban context. The best innovations are design-enabled, user-centered, embedded into an urban environment, practical and easily understood.

Anybody who is willing to solve urbanization related challenges is welcome to apply for the DESIGNSCAPES call, yet specifically designers and creative entrepreneurs. Both existing and completely new ideas and solutions may be entered. The call is divided into three stages:

  • Feasibility Studies

    Opening date: 13.07.2018
    Deadline: 26.10.2018 (5pm CEST)
  • Prototypes

    Opening date: 27.10.2018
    Deadline: 31.05.2019 (5pm CEST)
  • Scalability Proofs

    Opening date: 01.06.2019
    Deadline: 29.11.2019 (5pm CEST)

These stages are completely independent from one another, which means applicants can decide to participate to any of these stages but being successful in one does not create any advantage for the following rounds.

How to take part?

Please fill in our submission form available here. You can make any changes until the deadline of the call, but we recommend you preparing the full proposal draft offline first, using the courtesy Word file provided here below. Also, to overcome possible technical questions, we have prepared a set of guidelines for the applicants, which are also made available at the end of this page.

After submitting your application, you will receive an email with the link to your proposal. By logging in with your personal ID you can then make further changes, until the Call expires.

The structure of the proposals is identical for all stages, including the following five sections:

  • Profile

  • Innovation

  • Value of design

  • Relation to the urbanscape

  • Implementation and outcomes

After fulfilling them, you will be asked to upload 2 or 3 documents (depending on the stage of the Call) duly signed and stamped, which you can also retrieve here. They are:

Proposals that are unaccompanied by these 3 signed documents (2 only in case of Stage 1 applications) will be rejected as ineligible for funding.

Why taking part?

We can imagine, because:

  • You want to positively impact the societal challenges emerging in your city with your innovative solutions;

  • You want to take benefit from the non-financial resources made available by the DESIGNSCAPES consortium (e.g. support to the adoption of design, broader communication and dissemination channels, business acceleration services, etc.);

  • Last but not least: as a winner, you want to receive some funding from us, as per the table below:

    • Feasibility Studies € 5.000
    • Prototypes € 25.000
    • Scalability Proofs € 25.000

What will happen to your proposal?

The DESIGNSCAPES consortium will not claim any IPR (Intellectual Property Right) on any material or output released by you as a successful applicant. In addition, you will be fully licensed to use – free of any charge – the whole foreground knowledge we are producing during the project, for a better execution of your pilot activities.

In return, we ask you to put your results at free disposal of the public domain, unless there are any elements of your background or foreground knowledge where you would like to claim an IPR, for legitimate reasons, including trademark or patent registration or safeguard of your business perspective.

Need help getting started?

Download the official Call text by clicking here or its attachments in separate: Annex D, Annex E, Annex F.

A FAQ page can be retrieved here.

For further questions, please send an email to